Brent’s Monthly Music Playlist – October

One of the most frequent comments we hear in the salon is “what is playing right now?”, and a close second is “where do you get your music?”. We thought it would be fun to start sharing our monthly downloads and feature a favourite artist from past downloads.

To answer the second question first, we have a monthly subscription to and download 30 new songs each month (we aren’t sponsors or get anything from sharing this with you). We’ve been doing this since before we opened the hair studio in 2008, so combined with the CDs we owned, we have a playlist of over 2500 songs now that we set to shuffle. Our music includes a wide ranges of genres that somehow still manages to make sense when played in a big random shuffle – blues, jazz, indie singer/songwriters, easy listening, electronic, gospel, reggae, world, bluegrass, country & folk, instrumental guitar, latin, pop, R&B, and even a little rap!

October Playlist:

  1. Older Than My Old Man Now – Loudon Wainwright III
  2. A Kate Davis Holiday – Kate Davis (getting our Christmas playlist ready!)
  3. Introducing Kate Davis – Kate Davis
  4. Glad to be Unhappy (Single) – Kate Davis

Featured Favourite Artist: Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton was one of the most talked-about arrivals on the “new folk” acoustic music scene. The guitarist, singer, and songwriter has an amazing vocal range and makes effective use of it on his recordings and in his live shows. Unlike so many other contemporary singer/songwriters, his vocal style can be described as truly soulful, combining the best qualities of singers like Van Morrison, Al Green, Aaron Neville, and Otis Redding. (Source:

Martin Sexton Albums:

  •  Live at the Fillmore
  • Sugarcoating
  • Satellite Sessions
  • Seeds
  • Camp Holiday (Christmas Album)
  • Live Wide Open
  • Black Sheep
  • In the Journey
  • Martin Sexton Live at the Gathering of the Vibes 2004

Hope you enjoy our new monthly playlist, and feel free to send us your suggestions by clicking on our contact page. We’re always looking for new artists to add to our playlist. To ensure you don’t miss any of our playlist posts on our blog, be sure to subscribe to email notifications (in the side bar).