New Salon Policy on Joico Product Money Back Guarantee


Unfortunately, due to a suspected scam that occurred yesterday afternoon involving “returned” Joico products for a refund, we will no longer be offering a money back guarantee on products without a receipt and proof of ID to match the name on your receipt.

Effective immediately, when products are purchased we will offer a receipt with a money-back guarantee on all Joico hair products, with your proof of ID. Only the person who purchased the product will be able to use the receipt to get a refund.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are an honest small family business working hard to make a living, and we can’t afford to be repeat victims to this kind of scam. We would also like to caution other small businesses on Gabriola to stay alert of customers who may be stealing items and then coming back with the stolen item, asking for a refund.